Attorneys and Accounants


Lawyers, like other professionals have seen a steady increase in claims against them in the past 20 years. Whether at large firms or one-person practices, lawyers are at risk from claims against them all the time. As lawyers, you need to minimize the exposure to risk, while still maintaining your practice. You need insurance for attorneys.


ISU Insurance Services GVW & Associates will help you find the best insurance for attorneys by contacting the top-rated insurance carriers. Our agents will help you compare and save money on your professional liability insurance. ISU Insurance Services GVW & Associates has dedicated professionals to help you determine the best policy for the unique risks associated with your firm or practice.


Here are a few questions to consider:


  1. Are you protected if a client files a claim for missed deadlines?
  2. Do you have coverage for administrative errors?
  3. Are you prepared if a client files a claim for unsatisfied case outcome?


At ISU Insurance Services GVW & Associates, our professional liability experts will make sure that your insurance for attorneys policy has you covered for any situation.